Dr. Pernel Dove 

Psychic, Medium 


Williston Bingo Hall Halloween Party, 2005


Pernel getting ready to leave


Judge Nan has the Bingo under control as all the workers are escapes from their homes!!



Bingo Worker Mark is happy to have escaped and hide out with the bingo players.


Another Bingo worker


Beth Wells, the Renaissance Princess


Raggedy Ann and Andy


A lady of the Evening who was searching the bingo hall for clients


The Lady of the evening's  Pimp


Sumo Wrestler


A witch and her Graveyard Companion hunt the bingo hall casting spells


The cleaning lady is keeping things neat.  She got a full round of applause for her job in this room:)


An awesome scarecrow.  This costume turned out to be very lucky for her as she won $1,100.00 on bingo!! Yea!!



Pernel and Beth getting ready for the Judging. 



Beth Wells gets excited waiting for judging to begin and takes a picture of herself



A kitty Cat makes her way up to the front for judging. 



A Cat and a Mouse together!! 


The Lineup for Judging

The Winners


1st. Hunchback

2nd: Scarecrow

3rd: The graveyard Guy

Hey, I didn't win but made it to the finals this year, lol.  Next year we shall get them:) lol. 

Thanks to all the wonderful people at the Williston bingo for allowing us to use their pictures on the internet.  Pernel

Williston Bingo Halloween Party 2004: Click Here