In Loving Memory Of


Mr. Alphonse DePelsMaeker

April 14, 1912

Who lost his life aboard the TITANIC.

Mr. DePelsMaeker was just 16 years old when he left Belgium to come to the Unites States.  He had boarded the Titanic in Scotland to head to the States and a new life.  Having come from a family that was war torn and poor, he boarded the ship as a third class passenger.  Pernel's father, Mr. Joseph DePelsMaeker also came over to the United States from Belgium but he spoke of Alphonse as he died when Joseph was just six years old.   

We do not know much of this side of the family as Pernel's father did not speak a lot about their relatives from the old country.  

Mr. DePelsMaeker's memory will never perish

in the thoughts of his family and friends.





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