Dr. Pernel Dove


Note: Sept. 12, 2006:  For ten years the Email address of the people who wrote these testimonials has been placed on this page for anyone to write them and inquire about Pernel.  However these email address have been removed as someone began writing vulgar and harassing emails to the people on this list.  We are truly sorry for not being able to place them here for people to inquire about Pernel from the people who wrote these letters and to all of those who were harassed, we offer our deepest apologies.  Pernel


I just wanted to say that you gave me an awesome reading yesterday. I'll admit that some things you said did hurt a little but I know it was the truth but I would rather hear it from you then from anyone else. You Totally blow me away, Pernel! Hahaha! You gave me so much hope about the situation. I feel rejuvenated again and I'm going to order some more candles this week when I paid on Friday. I can't wait to try them. I look forward towards our next reading. Stay blessed and beautiful always.  Kisha


When I first wrote to you more than 4 years ago...I was skeptical.  Not because I don't have faith...but because we were communicating via email.  I thought for sure you were a fake.  So...I tested you.  I asked you the number of times my ex-husband had cheated on me.  Of course, you nailed it....2 major affairs and numerous other "flirtations".  At that moment I knew you were on the level but had no idea just how involved we would become over the following years.  There have been times when I doubted what you told me....simply because I didn't want to "hear" what you were saying to me....or because it didn't seem "logical".  Well...hindsight being what it is - you were always right.

I hope you realize just how grateful I am....not just for your insight, but for your honesty, your friendship, your gentle way of delivering not so happy news, your being understanding of my sometimes less than preferred financial situation.....and for your ability to just "get" me.  With all that I have going on right now - I know that things will get better....simply because you told me they would.  With my whole heart...thank you!

Love and Light,



All of the people that I have referred to you have been more than pleased as well.  A few of them were MORE than skeptical and lacking faith when they contacted you.  These same people are now better off because not only did you help them with their gave them faith. priceless in my book!!


I have been a client of Pernel's for the last year and  there are not enough words to tell you how she has changed my life.  Pernal readings are 100% accurate.  I had been to a few "so called psychics" who promised that their readings are a 100%, just to find out that they weren't.  Pernel puts all her energy and heart into  her readings.  She doesn't tell you just what you want you want to hear or what she thinks that you want to hear.  Her readings are truthful and accurate.  Pernal takes the time to make sure that you understand your reading.  I know that Pernel is a gift from God.  I am so happy that I can call her my psychic.  Fawn


Pernel: I won the Kentucky Derby!!!  Thank you for picking out the winning horse for me. I couldn't believe it, that horse was such a long shot! And to think all I had to do was give you the names of the horses in the race. The horse that I was going to pick, it was a bad choice, he hasn't crossed the finish line yet…lol…Thanks again….   Heather.


Pernel:  Oh My God!  You are totally amazing!  You told me several months ago I would meet this guy.  You gave me his description, told me what he would say and that it would be a whirlwind for both of us.  I met him!  I honestly met him and he was exactly as you said, he said he fell in love with me at first sight and I am just so blown away.  I have looked for someone like this all my life Pernel!   Oh Pernel, Thanks so much for all the love, care and concern you have shown me.  You have cried with me, laughed with me, hugged me and guided me.  I love you!! I am just so blown away Pernel!  You were so right about everything!  Thanks so much again, I never have to look for another psychic, from now on, you are the only one I talk to!  Heather 


Pernel: You and Nicoli have hit so many bulls eyes concerning my life that I'm still trying to catch up with you two, LOL!  Chris


Pernel:  You told me I was going to get back with the love of my life and I did not believe you.  I had not spoken to him in almost a year and I honestly believed it was over between the two of us as he was engaged to marry someone else.  You stayed with me through the entire ordeal and I thought many times you were off base and then things started to change and hey..we will send you an invitation to the wedding.  I can never thank you enough Pernel, even when I was at my lowest points you would not let me waver, you kept telling me he would be back even if you stink on times, you never changed what you said.  It took forever, but we are together and I never thought it would happen.  Thanks so much , I can never repay your kindness, patience, and the many times you sat with me and helped me when I cried my eyes out. You truly are not from this world. Your an angel.  I love you!!  Sharon

Pernel is a very kind and honest.   In addition to her very high accuracy, she is most empathetic.  It seems that for a psychic to be truly helpful they have to be able to establish a rapport, and Pernel is able to do that.  How the information is presented to the client is extremely important, and  Pernel is able to communicate what she sees in a way that her client can understand and digest easily.   She presents the facts, and explains them in a way that makes her listener comfortable.  Her accuracy is quite high, and she is never overbearing, condescending  or concretive.   Perhaps there are other readers who, come near her in accuracy  however, this tool is useless if the client is uncomfortable speaking truthfully with the psychic.   I have spoken to other psychics and some of them have indeed given me very similar information.  However, I feel that Pernel has a much better understanding of who I am, and where I want to go in my life.  This makes all the difference.    TAFS


"WOW"     PERNEL IS THE REAL DEAL!!      She has made predictions about my life that have ALL come true.  She has told me things about people in my life that were TOTALLY ACCURATE.   She predicted an outcome two years ago, that I was totally losing faith in...and after two years....BANG IT ALL CAME TRUE.   AMAZING.  DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND BOOK A SESSION WITH PERNEL.  It will be a life changing experience, TRULY.    Love and Kisses Pernel.....Lisa from New York 

Dearest Pernel: 

This is just to say I love you:)  I have never seen someone so accurate in all of my life.  Everything you told me happened and what spooked me out is you gave me bits of conversations and the people said the same things word for word as you had said them.  You are amazing..  Thanks so much for being there for me, you are the bom:)  Love ya..Jackye...


Dear Pernel:

You have been with me through thick and thin helping me to get through the times when I was at my very lowest and believing I should give up on relationships for good and plan to live alone the rest of my life.

You kept telling me that there was someone out there for me in fact you told me was "closing in" and indeed he was because he showed up the very next day.

We chatted on line, then on the phone, then he drove 1,300 miles to meet me and the rest as they say is history. It was incredible! After a lifetime of kissing toads the prince has arrived. We are getting married in the fall and at last he and I will have the "happily" ever after we have been waiting for.

Thank you so much for always being there for me. You have supported me the way family is supposed to but rarely does. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Love Linda


Dear Pernel: When my friends made an appointment to come and visit you at your house, I have to admit I was a little more than skeptical. I was shocked when I asked you if you really went to collage and you walked me in your office and your walls are covered in degrees, and you actually were Phi Theta Kappa and have the certificates to prove it. Ok, so now I was beginning to be impressed.  What sold me was sitting there and talking with you.  I have never in my life seen anything like the energy you showed me that night. It actually got hot!  Then when you walked me through mediation, I was stunned.   I had read your website before I came to your house but I waiting for excuses when I asked you questions about the web site content, but you handed it right to me, in black and white.  How can I argue with what I hold in my hands?  I can't.  

I just wanted to tell you that even though I was dragged to your house and thought it was a joke at first, I will not have to be dragged there again.  I will be the first one out the door and in the car to go.  You are amazing!  I love your sense of humor, I love your hair, lol, and I love the way you treated me and talked with me.  Even when I told you I do not believe in psychics you just smiled and said, "well maybe we can change your mind huh. " Well, you did.  I am a believer and I would love to learn under you.  You are totally amazing and I can't wait to come back again. I agree with the people who wrote testimonials out here, you are an angel, a true angel and hey people, I have been in her house, she does have tons of Barbie's, and know something else?  She is real..if you ever get to meet her, do it, I guarantee you it is amazing!  Daniel Ortega 


Dear Pernel,
Tonight, April 10, you gave me a reading. It was so comforting - you are a step above all other psychics I have talked to -- not only because you said positive things about my situation -- because of your warmth. You truly made me feel calm and more at peace. Up to this point, I have called and seen different psychics, many of whom left me more confused than before I called them. Now, when I need insight on my life, I will call you again!!! Thanks again!!   lULU



This woman is astounding. I have spend thousands of dollars over the years consulting so called "psychics" for answers to a terrible issue that changed my life and the lives of my children. I have been the victim of crooks and 
gypsies interested in just "making a buck" at my expense...including being the victim of two gypsies who scared me to death with their "readings," taking advance of my delicate frame of mind and insisting I pay them 
thousands of dollars to "make the problem go away," of which it would not do without their interference. It really gave a bad name to those truly gifted individuals who wanted to share their gift with those who needed them. I have continually believed in the reality of clairvoyance and when I found Pernel, I felt like my prayers had been answered. She talks to you like she's been a friend of yours for years and has gone through your grief with you...interested only in allowing you to see nothing but the truth of the situation. She is the only one I have ever felt this comfortable with and I have been talking to psychics for years. I feel like I have found a rare jewel and want everyone to know she is the real thing.  Diane

Dearest Pernel,

I wanted to thank you for the reading tonight. I am truly amazed. Most of all, I feel blessed by having the opportunity to receive a reading by you. After the reading, I read all of your web page, I had chills all over my body and crying my eyes out. I can't believe how lucky I am to have found you.  You are the light being, an angel. Thank you so much, I will be in touch very soon for another reading and personal guidance.  LFB


You knew a lot about our situation and you told me that I would see him before the end of last week and I sort of used that as my "belief system" because I normally don't just run into him and I kind of doubted that I would see him that soon. But you were so right- I ran into him on Friday!  Thank you so much!  Angelia


I just want to write you a quick note to tell you I enjoyed speaking with you.  Last night-you were kind-compassionate-and very enlightening-It is a warm feeling having someone I can trust in-and it is apparent that you are definitely talented in your field---you are an angel--indeed.  Thanks again from the bottom of my heart- AST


Pernel:  I want you to know, I appreciate everything you have done for me during my past few readings. It has been more than worth it's weight in gold than you could ever image. I am honored to have been sent to someone like you, for help.   Julia


Hi Pernel,
I wanted to thank you again for taking time out today talking to is always very helpful talking to you! You just make my day.:)  I wanted to thank you for the message you gave me from my deceased father the other day. He's been dead for almost 13 years now, but when you saw him and told me what he told you to tell me, it just brought tears to my eyes and made me very happy. You didn't know what he meant since he spoke in my native tongue (German), but it was exactly what he would have told me if he were right next to me. I'm grateful to you for telling me and letting me know that he is happy where he is now and that he thinks about me. Forever grateful, Elke   


Hello Pernel!
I want to thank you for the wonderful conversation with you last night. You are so talented and your gift is really is quite exceptional. Meeting you was like meeting a very special friend and I hope to continue the friendship for a long, long time. So sincerely, Janet. 

Dearest Pernel,

I want to thank you for all of your help, insight and guidance through some very trying and difficult times. Mostly, I want to thank you for enabling me to make informed decisions . Without your insights, I had no way of knowing what the future held.

You have been amazingly accurate in all you have seen in my life, past and present, as well as future prophecies that have come to pass. You are one of the few people that I trust and highly recommend to anyone seeking guidance. It took many years to find someone honest, trustworthy and reliable -- but you were well worth the wait!  Susan


Pernel: Thank you so much for all your help and guidance. You have really made a difference in my life and the choices I have made with your insight have helped me to avoid some nasty encounters. Thanks again! I would recommend you to anyone.  David


Pernel: Thank you for the reading. Thanks to you, my family can sleep tonight knowing they are safe.  Oopsn


I had to write you and let you know what happened! When I first ran across your site, I debated long and hard about sending you $15.00 for a question. Still, I was desperate, so I borrowed my friend’s credit card and made the request. I had been so sick for so long and the doctors could not figure out what was wrong with me, so I decided to try you. That turned out to be the best decision I ever made! When I got your reply, I called my doctor. He said, I really don’t think so, but when I was tested you were 100 percent right. My doctor began treatment on my illness and for the first time in two years I am able to live a normal life! I have gotten a new job (as you said I would), and things in my life are just wonderful! Thank you so much Pernel! Now I laugh at being worried about $15.00 when you have saved me thousands in doctor’s fees! Thank you so very much! I am one person that can honestly say that you have saved my life!  John


Mom: What better attribute to a psychic than someone who has known you all her life? I know you did not ask me to write this, and I don’t know if you will be brave enough to put it on your page, but here goes.

To the world I say that my mother is the kindest, most gentle and spookiest person I have ever known or will ever will know. Growing up with her was the experience of a lifetime; I could never get away with anything. If I went out and stretched the truth about where I was or who I was with, it never worked. When I got home, she always told me exactly where I had been what I had done and even bits of conversations we had. After a few times, I gave up on trying that route. She is honest, loving, and cares deeply for people. I have seen her give readings for many, many, years. When she is done with a reading, she thinks about the person for days and tries to help them any way she can, with meditations, prayers, notes or cards, whatever she can do to help. I have watched her cry for days after working on cases for missing children where the result was not good. She adores children and every time a child gets hurt, she takes it very personally.

Anyway mom, the world may say about you what they may, but to me you are my mother and I was blessed by being able to have you for one. Even though we have our differences, I love you, respect you, and most of all, I believe in you. I grew up around your abilities, I know they are real and I know you are real. But most of all mom, I know you and I know what you stand for with all your morals and values and I pray to God daily that someday I may turn out to be just half the mother to my children you were to me. I love you mom. Kissy

Pernel:  I truly do not believe that you are of this world.  I think that you are really an angel and just disguise yourself as a psychic to keep your secret identify.  You are the most amazing person I have ever known, or will ever know.  Thank you so much for all your help and kindness.  I also wanted to tell you that you are right about the illness you said my dad has.  The Doctors have now began to treat him for it and his is getting better every day.  Hey, quit hiding your wings lady because your halo fits you so well.  God bless Pernel.  Myra Lee, Tokyo. 

Pernel:  You speak with a wisdom beyond your years and a heart that has been touched by the hand of God.  With you being of the outside world I was afraid to listen to you speak, but I wish to thank you for a wonderful lecture.  You have given us much to think about in relation to our children and their feelings about out life.  Be blessed Pernel and stay in the path of God.  Alvie Hostilleter, Amish Elder, Mio, Michigan.


Pernel:  It is with a heavy heart that we watch you leave our mist.  Over the last year of you being here you have taught us much of the Americans and their customs, but we feel that we have taught you also.  You have learned our religion well, you respect nature and all that surrounds you in the universe.  You have eaten with us, laughed with us and cried with us.  You are guided by a great spirit which gives you the ability to see so many things.  We will miss you very much and ask you accept the Indian name of Morning Dove.  I have come to accept your nick name for me of "Jack" and will miss you calling me that when you are gone.  May the spirits walk with you and continue to guide you throughout your life my little Morning Dove and leave us now with our  love and peace.    Brian Favell, Cree Indian Reservation, Hudson Bay, Manitoba Canada. 

Pernel:  You are my inspiration!  You are wonderful, sweet and the most sensitive woman I have ever been blessed with talking to.  I  can not tell you what a role model you have become to me, but I pray that someday I can be just one tenth like you.  Thank you for all your help and insight, I really love you Pernel!   Mary Ann Carmon, Sidney Australia

Pernel:  Wow!  You are for real!  I didn't believe it at first, but you are an actual psychic!  Thank you for your help and giving me back my belief in psychics.  Larry Thornview, London England

Pernel:  You are truly the most amazing psychic I have ever met!  You totally blew me away at the party the other night.  I left just completely amazed!  I did what you said the very next day and I just can't believe the results!  Everything you said would happen has.  It was like being in a dream, hearing your words and just watching them unfold right before my eyes!  I will be calling you for a personal reading  as you made a believer out of me!  One more thing, will you marry me please???   Oh, already married, that's o.k., I'll wait:)  See you soon.  Barry Smith, Gainesville, Florida.

Pernel:  I just wanted to tell you that you have the most calming effect  on me.  No matter how irritable I am when I call you, I always hang up the phone laughing and feeling so much better.  You can really be a cut up when you want to be, and I just want to thank you for adding some sunshine in my life.  I also want to apologize for waking you up at 5 in the morning the other day, didn't realize the time difference, but talking with you really helped me to get through the day and by the way, I did what you said and I got the promotion, Thanks:)  Talk with you soon.  Sherry Wilson, Las Angeles, Calif.




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