This page is dedicated to unusual pictures of Pernel that have turned up when people have taken her photo. She has been photographed by professionals and amateurs alike and it is not uncommon for eerie things to show up in pictures taken of her. 

Pernel's high psychic ability to be able to converse with the other side may be one of the reasons pictures of her have shown spirit activity.  Some recently taken ones has shown Ghost faces in them, orbs, strange lights, her hands show all types of lights and strange symbols appear on her face and hands often.  We are starting off with a few of these amazing pictures here and will add more to the collection as they become available. 



This picture was taken by a photo journalist student who was dong a life study on Pernel.  The picture was taken at a psychic fair.  The figure in the background is Pernel, and the one at front is the person she was doing a reading for. The professor at the university who reviewed the picture said it could have been caused by a very, very slow shutter speed.  The professional  photographer who took the picture  knows she did not change the speed of her camera while she was doing the shoot.  No reason for this picture could be found, and it remains unexplained.



The other night I was going through some of my pictures and I noticed something at the base of the tree in this one that was taken in a very old cemetery. We enlarged the photo so that we could see it better , see picture below.  



Apparently this young lady wanted her picture taken.  I wanted to make it clearer but it distorts when I bring it up any larger. 


We got this picture using a digital Vitivar 3.5.  We were outside and shot a picture into the darkness and this is what was on the film when we downloaded it. 



Officer Anthony at his birthday party.  A friendly spirit decided to join the party



This picture of Graces room turned out very strange.  Notice the face that appears in the box.

The rocking chair is also not in her home. 





This picture was also taken with an EVISIONS camera.  The picture was taken of Pernel feeding her fish.  When downloaded, this picture  appeared on the camera. This fish tank is setting by itself against a wall.  There is no other piece of furniture around it,  no curtain, nothing.  All the other things that show up on the picture are not even in Pernel's house.  Many people have reported that they can see a ghost face in the tank, some say they can see a beautiful angel. 


Josh outside goofing around with water balloons and when we downloaded the picture he has company come out to play too.



Garritt and Dustin were outside messing around when this photo was taken with a 3.5 Vitivar camera.  The lights showed up in the back ground when the picture was downloaded. 




Josh and Justin were chatting when we took this picture.  This is what is known as a possible dimension shift.



Pernel outside trying to get one of the kids toys out of the tree.  Notice the face on the trunk of the Grandmother tree.  This face shows up in pictures we take of Pernel when she is by this tree but does not show up in other pictures we took. 






Webmasters Note: None of the pictures on this page have been touched up in any way. They have all been downloaded from the originals and have not been altered in any way.  If you have any questions or comments about these photographs, please contact the Webmaster, 

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