Psychic, Medium, Medical Intuitive

Pernel is  clairvoyant, (can see things)  clairaudient, (can hear spirits)  clariasessesent (can sense spirits) and has empathy (can feel things) 

If you would like to join Pernel's fan club, send an email with a request to be added to:


Note: Sept. 12, 2006:  For ten years the Email address of the people who joined the fan club have been placed on this page for anyone to write them and inquire about Pernel.  However these email address have been removed as someone began writing vulgar and harassing emails to the people on this list.  We are truly sorry for not being able to place them here for people to inquire about Pernel from the people who wrote these letters and to all of those who were harassed, we offer our deepest apologies.  Pernel


Name: Tom  M. Dove

Name:  Beth  Wells

Name: David J. Manson

Name: Crystal L. Forstner

Name:  J. J.  Forstner

Name: John A. F.

Name: Johnny F.

Name: Dr. Jere I. Patton, PH D., A.B.I.

Name: Jennie Manson

Name: Trish

Name: Elkie Yergin

Name: Rachel

Name: Michelle Eldrigh

Name: Meredith

Name: Jennie King


Name: Bettina

Name: Jeanette

Name: Debbie from Canada

Name: Windy Thole

Name: Dawn Manson

Name: Heather Ozee

Name: Garritt L.

Name: Teresa Davis

Name: Sibel

Name: Elizabeth Jones

Name: Ashokha

Name: Heather Skillman

Name: Justin K.

Name: Ryan S.

Name: Lael E. Bower

Name: Natalie R.

Name: Fawn C.

Name: James M. Michaels

Name: Daniel Ortega

Name: Pamela Sharpe

Name: Tanya Alve




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