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 By Thomas Dove

 When Pernel was a little girl, she realized that she was different.  She could see, hear and feel things that her friends could not.

Her family realized this difference at her birth, when she was born crippled and with a blue veil covering her face. By the time she was three years old, the illness that had crippled her simply vanished without a trace.

Her first memory of a vision involved an  older sister who wanted to go boating with  friends. Pernelís mother gave her sister  permission to go, and she was  excited, but Pernel was scared. She began to bother her mother  to not let her sister go. Pernel cried, threw a fit, and her mother finally told Pernelís sister she could not go. Her sister was furious  and wouldnít speak to her all night, but Pernel kept saying something was wrong. The next morning they learned  the boat had overturned and all the kids on board were killed.

Pernel has a mixture of gifts that she uses to help people.  She is clairvoyant.  This gift enables her to see you when she talks with you on the phone.  She is able to step inside your mind and  help you  get  answers to your problems.  She has empathy and uses this gift to help her to feel what you are feeling.  She says she cannot connect to a person and forget about them.  She thinks about them  after they speak  and tries to help them even if they don't know she is helping.  She says it is impossible to connect to someone on such a deep level and then just walk away like you never knew them.  She has admitted that she thinks about people she has talked to even several years after their conversation, even if she has only spoken to them once.  

Pernel is an extremely gifted spirit medium.  She talks with the spirits on the other side as if they were sitting right in front of her.  Her spirit readings are astounding.  She has spoken to people in several languages that she doesn't know, (German, French, Spanish, Polish and others)  giving her clients  assurance that it is actually their loved ones she is talking with.  She sees clearly into  other realms and has helped hundreds gain a better understanding of life after mortal death. She speaks with conviction about the other realms and  astounds most people  because she is remembering these other realms!!  She is talking with FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE!!  She has had three wonderful Near Death Experiences  and learned much from them.   (see testimonials page)

One of her most unusual gifts is being a medical intuitive.  She has helped many people with medical problems that has perplexed doctors.  In many cases, before the person even knew they were  sick.  When she is conversing with a person, she actually feels their pain. This gives her a better understanding of what is happening with the person and how to help them get treatment.  

Internationally known and sought after, her readings are different from most.  She talks to you like  an old friend. Her voice is beautiful, calm and peaceful.  She helps you  feel relaxed. Many people claim that she is able to help them just by listening to her talk.  She discusses your life events as if she were there when they happened.  She is open and honest. Because she can feel what you feel, she makes it easy to talk about the most difficult topics in your life. She a cares about you and your problems.  She has helped many people and has  read for other psychics as well as celebrities. Her primary concern is not who you are, but how she can help you.  Her readings are private and confidential. 

Pernel's abilities have has been tested   by parapsychologists, and sociologists. She has participated in testing programs by the U.S. government.  Her accuracy rate varied between 96.9 and 99.8 percent.   She has been a guest speaker at many collage classes, lecturing on such topics  as  psychology, religion, sociology, angels, and the paranormal.  She is licensed and registered in the state of Florida as a Psychic Consultant.  License No: G99214900216, Florida Department of State. 

On April 29th, 2000, Pernel was tested by Former NASA Scientist and consultant Dr. Jere Patton, PH.D., A.B.I. She remained with the scientist for nine and a half hours. She again met with the scientist on April 30th, May 5th and May 6th. 2000.   She was tested with a NASA meter that measures electromagnetic fields.   Pernel was fascinated with the meter and was playing with it.  Dr. Patton  discovered she was pushing the meter forward into high levels of energy  without even touching the probe. Her extensive verbal test was found to be amazingly accurate and she could pin point projects that are not public knowledge. At one point, she was asked to describe a project known only to the top scientists of the world.  Pernel told them not only what the project was, but where it was located at and what it did  causing Dr. Patton to exclaim, "You can't know that!  Nobody knows that!" Several other times he also stated  "You don't even know your doing that do you?  You're pulling things right out of my head and answering them before I even ask you about them!"  

 As Pernel was walking with another psychic, a picture was taken  without their knowledge  with Dr. Patton's  digital camera.  It clearly shows Pernel's aura field (the one on the left) as she walks through a dark area. Notice the white light which surrounds her head and outlines her body.  At first it was thought that she may have stepped into a light shaft, but as Dr. Patton explained, any light source would have spilled onto both psychics. There would have been some indication on the second person of the light source, either hitting  her head, or shoulder, but the other psychic  remained  dark in the area. The darkness  they were walking through is  indicated by the shadows on the ground and trees. No explanation of the light around her could be discovered. It was determined by Dr. Patton that this  picture is scientific proof of the amazing psychic energy which Pernel exhibits. 

Photo courtesy of Dr. Jere Patton, PHD., A.B.I. 


Dr. Patton is currently working on a project for people who have had brain injuries.  He is using a computer Cognitive Therapy Program called HUMAN NEEDS ENGINEERING.   If you would like more information on his program, please e-mail Dr. Patton at the address below.

E-MAIL  Dr. Patton at: HNE1@AOL.COM






Dr. Pernel Dove has an Associates of Arts Degree from Kirtland Community Collage, Roscommon, Mi.,   Bachelors of Science Degree in Community Development from Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, Mi. and is a member of PHI THETA KAPPA Honors Society. She has a Masters Degree in Religion, and a Doctorate in Metaphysics.   She is a Certified Psychic, and Remote viewer by Remote Viewing Institute for the Intuitive Arts, New Jersey. She has received certification in the Advanced class with Honors, receiving the highest certification they offer.  A published author, she loves to write stories, (see main page for her latest book, Ghost), music and poetry. She won the National Golden Poets Award in 1992.   She is listed in the  top 10 of the 100 Top Psychics in America, a list compiled by Remote Viewing Institute for the Intuitive Arts, New Jersey.  She has just been included in the National Register for "Who's Who" in Business Executives.   CLICK HERE FOR PRESS RELEASE

She has a beautiful singing voice and has worked for many years as a lead singer and rhythm guitar player in various bands.  She also writes musical lyrics and holds the copyrights on several of them.  In the future look for  meditation tapes and recordings of her singing . 

She has also worked as a restaurant manager.  She has done consulting for restaurants, ran a catering  business, worked in military kitchens, and has helped build several business from the ground up.  She says she loves the challenge of going into a business that is having problems and help to turn it around to where it makes a profit.  She also loves meeting the people and chatting with them.  




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