Pernel Dove 

Psychic, Medium 


Jaden McRay 


Just three weeks almost to the hour of Hurricane Francis, Hurricane Jeanne passed over the state of Florida.  Theses pictures were taken by Pernel and her grandson, Johnny as the storm ripped through Gainesville Florida.  Pernel was without water and power during the storm and she has related to me that as far as damage goes, this storm was worst than Francis.  


Jeanne begins to move into Florida






During the storm.  The white mist you see in these pictures is the rain.  It was coming down in sheets. 





Pernel out playing in the hurricane, wind gust 68 mph, and the rain is pouring down in sheets.    Now, Pernel this just isn't right!! Lol.  Some pictures are not to clear, but remember we are in 60-70 mph winds plus downpours of rain.


People called and requested to know what Pernel did during this storm, so we snuck a few pictures.  We Caught Pernel outside playing during the hurricane.  Notice the two light orbs playing with her.  They showed up in many of the pictures.



Later Pernel gets serious.





Destruction is wide spread with trees on cars, trees down, wires down, sink holes, buildings destroyed and more. 







Sink Holes