Psychic, Medium 

Pernel Dove 

September 3, 2004

by: Jaden McRay 


This page contains pictures Pernel took during Hurricane Francis. During this storm, Pernel did not sit in her house.  She was outside and helping people who needed help.  She lived without power, food was impossible to get, and she had many, many people who weathered out the storm at her home needing the security of being round her to feel safe.  Pernel said, "I am not afraid for my own safety, I am worried about this state and the people who live in it.  I do not know if they can handle much more."  

In Gainesville here where we live, a woman was killed when a tree crashed through the roof of her house.  Another person was killed when debris hit his car and caused him to loose control.  There were ten tornadoes reported, thousand of people were without power.  The store shelves were empty and as of this day, wed Sept. 7th. many of them still are bare and there is no gas to be found.  

This hurricane has left Florida reeling and it came just on the back of Charlie.  Now, there is Ivan coming and all of us are praying it just goes away.  As Pernel said, "I now know what hell is like, I just lived through a week of it."  Jaden Mcray


 These pictures were taken by Pernel at dusk the night Francis came ashore.






This is when Hurricane started coming in. 


During the Hurricane




This is the rain! We hit record rainfalls of over 10 inches here. 


This is some of the Damage.  The winds reached up to 75 MPH with gust higher to 80-95 MPH


  David checking out the neighbors Roof torn off


This trailer was peeled like a grape





This is Garritt, the winds are 73MPH. The streets were flooded and it was raining like mad when this picture was taken.  Who took the picture?  Pernel, she was standing right outside in the 73 mph winds and snapping off photos, and dogging debris.  lol.

Now the Cleanup Begins