Pernel Dove's

Halloween 2009



On entering Pernel's house you are met by a dead alien (or is it?) in a casket.


We heard that during the night sometime the alien snuck off to enjoy some candy....not sure how true that is though as one of the monsters told us so:( 


As the guest come in they were invited by the monsters to have a cup of hemlock with them and dine on rat and severed head.


One of the monsters decided to snipe Johns baseball cap.  He thought he looked really human in it!! 

Garritt is trying to get his fingers out of one of the monster's mouths.  It took his candy bar and Garritt tried to get it back!! Chomp!!


Monster sneaking up on witches and the cat is watching him closely. 

The witches are having fun making their brew

Elizabeth helps keep the Witches under control. 


Ambie ready to go out as a Midnight Fairy.

Gwen ready to go out as a Goth Girl.

Amber and Gwen are ready to leave when they encounter.....

JJ the Zombie and.....

Johnny the Pinhead!!!

Note: When Johnny was going into Publix a cop car pulled up and shouted over the loudspeaker: "Hey Pinhead, stop where you are and turn around to our car."  When Johnny did turn around the cops said over their loudspeaker, "Awesome costume dude!"  Johnny about freaked out!! lol.


JJ grabs Gwen and threatens to eat her! 


We throw the  hungry JJ an arm to munch on instead


A severed head gives JJ advice for the night.

Amber at Publix

JJ at Publix

Entering Publix we run into Mario!


The girls get some candy from Fiona

Around the corner the girls run into a Butcher!! 


A vampire greets the girls with a glass of Blood!! 

A Roman Guard comes and saves them from the vampire!

JJ looking for the meat department at Publix


JJ Asking directions for meat department at Publix

Raggedy Ann gives JJ Directions



JJ and John filling a cart with goodies at Publix


Kids out Trick or Treating

They encountered a grave site on their way. 



They met this awesome lady giving out candy.


A Ghoul came crawling out of the bushes to scare the kids.

One of the Trick ort Treat Houses

Amber was thrilled Snoopy was out for Halloween.

Amber loved the Castle and we had a hard time getting her away from it, she wanted to play, lol.

Amber did not like this guy at all, lol.

Back Home Ambie shows off her pumpkin she did.

The Kids carved  pumpkins.


Alex and Ariel relaxing after Trick or Treat.

Found this guy in the living room, lol. 

Some of the candy mess from Trick or Treating

Boys hiding out in Pernel's office after Trick or Treating.


Crystal and Ariel made a spooky graveyard cake.

Ariel and Crystal made the cupcakes as well for party.

Michael got tired of all the people so he deicide to sneak off and go fishing.