Krystalnet Psychics

Halloween 2007



Missy decided to be Captain Jack Sparrow this year.

Pernel's Baby

Doxie aka: Doodle Meat aka: Spider Meat


JJ getting ready to attack


Want more but wood is not so good tasting:(

People parts taste better!!

Coming to get you!!

Trying to bite Eli

Biting his sister Crystal

Yummy Monster Good!!! 

Attacking Joy at Publix


Captain Jack Missy makes the Dino JJ stop biting people by scolding him


Eli  hanging out with a monster

Johnny getting ready to go scare people


Johnny decided to try and chew on his mother Crystal

Vampire Ariel

Little witch Amber casting spells on people for candy!

Ambie sees something she thinks is neat!  



Daddy Garritt tells little witch Amber she can't bring severed heads home to play with:(

Mean Daddy!! She is not happy about this:( 




Daddy then tells her she can go out and hunt the ghost so she is happy about this so the severed heads are forgotten for the moment:)

ewwwwwwwwww. monster picking its nose:(

Terrance gets ready to go spook people


Getting ready to leave for Publix

Tux and Tiger get ready to pass out candy to beggers while Terrance tells them how to do it.  

JJ at Publix

Johnny sneaks up on Crystal

Ariel and Johnny getting Trick or Treat ice cream Sundae's

Sneaking up to take his Dad John's hot wheel car..grrrrrrrrrrrr

Claudia trying to figure out how to control all the monsters


Give us FOOD!!!!! 

Ariel sneaks off to get a couple bites without the monsters attacking her for her food. 

Jalanie showing off her face painting


Finally ready for Trick or Treating!!  John tries to round up all the kids

Alex watches kids scatter in all directions while he wished he would have stayed at work!




Pernel  scares the kids a bit as she threw this on and snuck up on them:)

JJ Changes his costume as he could not breath in the Dino head

Out getting candies

John trying to keep seven kids together


Kids are getting tired and taking off their mask as it was very hot here for trick or treating. 

The monster watcher standing silently on the corner. 

These two tricksters tell the kids to get going home

This guy in a hearse offers them a ride but they decide to walk as they think this is a little creepy

Back at Pernel's the great Candy swap begins. 

Johnny and Terrance hide out in Pernel's office


 Ariel and Alex take a break and get ready to eat.

Spider Doxie and Captain Jack Missy are begging for treats

Halloween is done for another year, everyone has gone home and JJ settles down to watch TV