Dr. Pernel Dove 

Psychic, Medium 

Williston Bingo Hall 

Halloween Party 2004

These are pictures that were taken of the Halloween Party at the Williston Charity Bingo Hall on Friday the 29th. 


Crystal getting ready to leave


Crystal and Ariel 


Pernel getting ready to go. 


Nan,  She sells the bingo papers.  Nan is one of the sweetest people on earth:) 

Mark, the best playboy bunny ever.  Mark sells the specials at the bingo hall.  

    Bingo floor worker Ben.  Ben is a really cool guy who sells the specials on the floor. 

Lady as a shower. 

Gypsy Rose!  She was doing Reading for $3.50 for people! Rose actually has Gypsy blood in her.  The costume was great. 

Crystal getting ready to play....awww, bingo that is, lol. 

David, Pernel and a monster!  The lady playing the monster was awesome!  

Crystal, Pernel and David getting ready for the costume party. 

The line up for the costume party begins. 


Handing out numbers for the judging , nope we didn't win:( 


Some of the contestants. 

More of the contestants.

More of the contestants.  This lady had her butt hanging out and she passed gas as she walked by, lol.

The people are getting ready to be judged. 


This monster won first place.

Vampire David shows off his fangs, lol.


Pernel telling the vampire to chill and not bite people!


Vampire David didn't like he could not bite but listened.