Q. Why do you charge? A true Psychic will not charge for their services, as their gift is from God and they should use it freely!

A: A good argument, but not true. Being a Psychic is about the only profession in the world where people expect service for free or you are considered a fraud. Many Professions are considered "Gifts from God" but people do not tell them they are Frauds if they charge. Take Music for instance, a person with an angelic voice received that gift but they sell records, charge for personal appearances, etc. Then there are Artist, Religious Persons (Priest, Preachers etc), and several other professions where they are considered to have "Gifts from God", but they charge for their services without the stigma of being a fake. Why should we be considered any different from any other profession?


Q. If you are a true Psychic, why arenít you rich? You should be able to predict the lottery numbers and be worth millions.

A: Donít I wish, but it doesnít work that way. We are not able to use our abilities to help ourselves. Sometimes we get flashes of things in our own lives that will help to avert a disaster of some kind, but our abilities are meant to help other people.

Q. Why do we have to ask you questions? If youíre a psychic you should be able to tell us what is happening in our lives.

A: Clairvoyants can see what is going on in your life, but we cannot read your mind. We have to have you ask us specific questions or it becomes a guessing game. There may be several things happening in your life, but there is only one of them you are thinking about and that you need an answer to.

Q. Is what you tell us set in stone? Can I alter the outcome, or make changes to what will happen?

A: Yes. Anything we tell you can be changed. If I see a car accident going to happen to you, I can give you the information so that you can make corrections to avoid it. We can only tell you what we see, but you have the control of the situation in your hands, so you can change the outcome.



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