by Dr. Penny Dove

an excerpt from her upcoming new book


(July, 2001)

 How can a person get what they want out of life?  Why is it that some people seem to have all the luck and yet no matter how hard I try, it never comes to me?  What am I here for, anyway? Just to be poor and to suffer?  Why can’t I have what everyone else has?  These are some very powerful questions that many, many people have asked me over the years.  These questions break my heart and I always try and teach the person who ask them how to manifest the things they need into their lives.  

What is manifesting?

 Psychics use it all to bring the things they need into the physical world.  It is drawing of the energies in the Universe to make the desired things become a reality.  Here are a couple examples.

My husband needed a car for work and we could not afford one.  I asked the Universe for help, and because Tom is so large, 6’8 and 320 pounds, I asked the Universe to help us find a car he could fit into as well.  I started see a Black Cadillac.  Within one week, the car was sitting in our yard, bought and paid for in cash, and yet when I started asking for it, we couldn’t afford to even pay for the tags or insurance on a car, let alone the car itself.  The money came, the car was found for just the amount we had and it became a real part of our lives. 

A lady called me in tears.  She was loosing her house the next week, she had no food and her husband had left her for another woman. I taught her how to manifest the things she needed into her life.  That same afternoon, her husband came to her house and told her he had made a mistake and wanted to come home.  She went to the mailbox and found an envelope stuffed with cash enough to go get some food and to pay up the payments on her house.  There was no note with the money; just an envelope stuffed with hundred dollar bills that had been left in the mailbox.  Now when she needs something, she uses the manifesting techniques to bring it into her life. 

How to manifest things into your life:

The first thing you need is faith.  You have to believe that this will work.  Decide on what you really want.  Take some time to think about it and once you have made your decisions, then it is time to start asking.

Go into a room where it is very quiet.  Say a prayer for protection and then close your eyes and begin to clear your mind.  Relax, but try not to fall asleep.  Start thinking about what you want.  Imagine yourself getting it, having it in your possession.  Then look up and say,  “To the universe, I say that I am ready to receive.  Send forth your abundance!”  Then say to the Universe, “I need this (whatever you want) to come into my life.  I need it for this reason (state your reason for wanting it), and then say “I deserve to be happy.  This is a necessity of my life and I need it soon.” The entire time you are talking to the Universe, be thinking about what you need, visualize it, make it a priority in your life. Want it with your heart, desire it totally and then believe that it will happen without a doubt. Expect it to be given to you and know that you deserve it.  

Believing is the hardest part because we as humans have a tendency to talk ourselves out of things.  We will start saying, this is to simple, and it won’t work, or open our eyes and wait for a lighting bolt or an immediate phone call to change our lives.  As hours pass into a few days, we become discouraged and give up on asking and start thinking negative thoughts.  We fall back into the pattern of asking. ”Why me?” and before we know it, we have talked ourselves out of working with manifesting at all.  Then we wonder why it didn’t work. 

 One of the most important things with this is to remain constant. If your asking for a miracle, like a house when you haven’t got a dime to buy one, be patient.  Watch for the opportunities as they present themselves to you.  Have you been offered a better paying job? Has someone mentioned to you that they seen an empty house that may need some repairs?  Look, listen and keep on trying until you get what you want. If you believe strongly enough that it will happen and believe with your heart, it will come to you. 


I use this all the time in my own life.  If I don’t have the money to pay a bill, I ask and most of the time, it shows up. If I need a car, I ask, if I need clothes, I ask.  The things show up.  For example, I wanted to go to Europe to Portugal. I grew up very poor and this was something that could never happen for me.  Still, I thought about it every day for over a year.  It cost so much money, I knew I could not afford to go, but I really wanted to and believed one day I would.  Then I got a phone call and was asked if I would like to go to Portugal.  The person who called paid for my fare, the hotel, all the side trips and food.  They were going and didn’t want to go alone.  I went to Portugal with them and was only able to save up $50.00 for the trip to take with me.  I came back with presents for everyone, had a blast spent eight days over there and still had 25.00 left when I got home.      

Another time in my life, everything was going wrong. My car broke down, I had no food for the kids, my house was falling apart, my vacuum cleaner broke, and every thing that could go wrong did.  I thought about winning the lottery so hard that week, I asked until I was blue in the face to win it.  I needed the money so badly and told the universe what I needed it for.  Then I had to get the money to buy the tickets, so I picked up pop bottles off the street for a week and came up with $18.00 to get the tickets.  When I went to buy them, I was tired and upset and just marking the tickets with numbers.  I heard an inner voice say to me, change 17 to 44 and you will win.  I wasn’t thinking to buy another ticket, I simply talked myself out of it.  That night when they drew the numbers, I won the 5 digit.  If I had of changed 17 to 44 as I had been told to do, I would have won 11 million dollars.  Costly mistake.  I learned to listen to the Universe after that.

 What do I need to do to learn this?  

Just try the techniques and see what happens.  You do not need to be a psychic, or a clairvoyant to have this work for you.  You do need to have faith and to be able to concentrate though.  It does require that you put a little work into making it happen.  You also need to preserve in asking.  If you only ask a few times and then nothing happens, then you can look at it as if the universe did not believe you actually wanted it.  Ask with your heart also.  Concentrate on what you want very, very hard.  Think about obtaining it often. Daydream a little about having it.  That is really all you need to do to obtain it. You have nothing to loose by trying this, and so much to gain.

What should I ask for?

One of the first things you need to do is to realize what it is you really need.  Do you really need a car, or simply want a new one.  Do you really need a house, or do you just want a new one? Once you have established what you really need, then it is time to ask for it.  It can be love, money, a house, or anything that is really needed in your life.  One person I know ask for nothing but peace and joy in their lives, others I know have asked for success or to get good grades in school, to loose weight, or for their children to turn around.  What ever the issue is with you, ask for it.

 How do I know it is working?

By the results achieved.  Not all people have immediate results, sometimes it may take months depending on what is being asked for, but results do happen if you do it right.  My daughter was using this technique.  She had reached a point of desperation in her life for a new car.  Her old van had no brakes, was a hazard to her and the kids, and she was terrified to drive it.  The mechanics told her, don’t bother to fix it, it needs more repair than it is worth.  She began manifesting the money for a new car.  Then, out of the blue, she received a very large check.  The things we desire don’t always come to us in the way we expect them to.  We are not going to be able to walk out the door and have them sitting on our front steps, but they do show up. One lady I know needed a new dress badly for a function she had to attend. The dress was very expensive and she began to manifest it.  She was driving down the road and noticed a yard sale sign.  She usually did not stop at them, but felt drawn to this one, so she stopped and started to walk around.  The dress she had been manifesting was sitting in the yard sale, brand new, never worn.  The lady, who was having the yard sale, told her she had gotten it for a wedding and never got a chance to use it as the wedding was canceled. Truly excited and not believing her luck, she gladly paid the $20.00 for the dress and thanked the Universe all the way back to the car.

The methods seem simple and they are in many ways, but they are hard at the same time.  If you start this, stick with it.  Make what you want a priority and keep right on asking for it until you get it.  Remember it may now always be exactly what you ask for also.  If you are asking to win the lottery and you do win, but it is only the 3 digits and not the 6, then you need to rethink how you are asking for it. Are you looking to the Universe and saying…Let me win the lottery!  Or are you looking to the Universe and saying, Please, I need to win the lottery, the 6 digits, and this is what I need it for and why I want it so badly.  Be specific in what you want or you may just end up with something you don't want. For example, I had been asking for a machine I needed to make singing disk.  I was not specific and when I got the machine, I got one that I could not use.  I did not specify what I needed it for, just that I needed to have it.  I went back and manifested the right machine, but it took me several months to receive it the second time.

 So, now you have some of the most powerful tools you can use in your life at your fingertips.  They work, as simple as they seem, it does work.  What you do with this is entirely up to you.