Dr. Pernel Dove 

Psychic, Medium 


Pernel's Halloween: Family, Friends and Visitors





Cookie made by Johnny Forstner


Amber Rayne Forstner ate the cookie.  Ewwwwww



Elvira showed up: Heather Skillman


Pernel ready to go out and cast spells! Lol



A little lady bug: Amber Rayne Forstner


Jango Fett: J.J. Forstner 



Justyn, a pregnant Male. The ICP (Insane Clown Posse) Reject is Johnny, lol. 


An Awesome Vampire: David Manson


Renaissance Princess : Beth Wells


Batman: Elijah Lee


Spooky Witch: Ariel Lee


Niania and Mai

A happy witch and her mother: Ariel Lee and Crystal Forstner


A sexy French Maid: Crystal Forstner


Crystal and Amiee


1950's Girl: Debbie


Beth Well's helping Amber win a prize





A thing from the grave:  Garritt Forstner


A nasty Ghoul: Dustin


Vampire David gets Nasty..



The Ghost come out to join the party: Weird pic of Crystal



Ghoul Garritt tries to keep Ghoul Dustin under control. 


Ghoul Garritt tries to convince Amber that she is safe and he is actually her daddy


Ghoul Garritt finally gets a kiss, but Miss Amber Rayne is still not to sure about this thing that is holding her, lol.


Ghoul Garritt captures witch Laurie


Pernel being attacked by a floating clown head!! Lol



The sick clown found a body and lurked outside to scare people!!  Johnny Forstner

The clown creature breathes it hot, nasty breath on us! Johnny Forstner



Aliens invading Pernel's House: Alien piece made by J.J. Forstner



Gifts for Halloween form Friends and Visitors:

Roses sent to Pernel for Halloween

From: Daniel Ortega


Sent to Pernel: More Roses and Irises

From: Russell Benson


To  Pernel,  Pretty yellow Mums

From Beth Wells


Pink Carnations:

From Publix

I would like to thank people for the many Halloween gifts and cards and hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween:) Oh, and Boo!! Lol