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It is not uncommon for psychics to make predictions.  What is unusual with the predictions Pernel makes is the fact that so many of them happen and exactly the way she had predicted they would.  This page is some of the predictions that she has made and that have all ready happened and some she has made for the future.

A person has to only read over this page and the updated pages to realize Pernel's accuracy with these predictions.  She predicted the hurricanes, the Floods, the earthquake in Calif., the new president, and even predicted a meteorite.  Her predictions have been accurate, startling and right on the mark. 


Note from Pernel:  First I want to make something clear.  I do not see things that are good or beautiful, people need no warning of these things.   I see things to warn people of impending disasters giving them time to prepare.  Many people have told me that this page scares them, and for this I am sorry, but not.  It is better to be forewarned and a little scared than blind. 

Note:  To read Updates on this page, or from the last several years, go to the bottom of the page and click on the year you wish to read.  Once predictions happen, they are moved to a page for the corresponding year.  So many of Pernel's Predictions happen that they are moved to the new pages to allow space for new one to be placed here.  Jaden

Enough Disaster for now.   

* Oh and the one that still has not happened, the most impossible of all......In 2005 I will win millions in the lottery:) ..Ok, lets go to 2006...awwww, how about 2007? ok, now how about 2008? Awwwww, maybe 2009?? I don't do time frames, lol. 

From Jaden:  Be fair here Pernel.. buy a ticket!! Lol 

Update:  Pernel has not won the lottery but her neighbors for over 15 years just won 205 million in the mega game lottery, lol.  Ok Pernel..go get a ticket..Jaden. 



After Sept. 11 attacks Pernel wrote two letters to the CIA.  Copies of these letters were emailed to the Remote Viewing Academy where they were placed on disk and in hard copy form.  These exerts are taken from the original letters that were sent to the CIA.  The E-mailing's were done so that the letters would have the dates and times they were  written and the predictions were made.  Over the last several years, all of Pernel's predictions have been emailed to the Remote Viewing Academy where they are labeled and kept track of. 


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