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Dr. Pernel Dove

Medical Intuitive


For many years Dr. Pernel Dove has used her gift as a medical intuitive to help other people with medical issues.  

Some cases.  Names have been with held to ensure the privacy of the individuals.  

In one case Pernel was talking to a woman and she told the woman to have her husband go to the Dr. as soon as possible.  Pernel told her she has a feeling that there may be a problem with his heart.  The man went the next week and was admitted immediately for a quadruple bi- pass surgery.  The Dr. said if he would have waited much longer, he would have had a massive heart attack.  

In another case a young woman who has had seizures called Pernel.  She had been through hundreds of test and they never found anything.  Pernel told her to get another test and they would find the problem.  The woman was reluctant but had the MRI done.  When the results came back, the area of the problem lit up on the MRI and for the first time they had something to work with to help the lady. 

Pernel was contacted by a young couple who were considering an abortion.  The Drs. told them that the test came back that the baby was going to be severely abnormal.  Pernel said, "No, do not do this!"  She told them to wait for two weeks and have the test done over again.  She said their little girl was perfect and the test were wrong.  When they redid the test in two weeks, the Drs. were stunned as the test came back perfect.  The Dr. could not figure out what was going on.  The couple went on to have a beautiful and healthy little girl.  

In another case a lady was gaining weight and Pernel told her to go to the Dr. and she had thyroid trouble.  When the woman went to the Dr. the Dr. told her the only problem with her was she ate to much.  Pernel got mad and told the woman to call the Dr. and ask to check off the boxes for the Thyroid on her blood work.  The Dr. allowed her to get the blood work and she is now on thyroid medicine for her condition.  

These are just a few of the hundreds of cases where Pernel has helped people with medical issues. 

PLEASE READ: IMPORTANT NOTE: This is NOT meant to replace regular medical treatment.   Pernel does not consider herself to be a healer although many people call her such.  She will help you as best she can with medical issues, but she will NOT prescribe medical treatment, or medicines, nor does she claim to heal anyone.  

To help with medical issues, she needs to know what your symptoms are and also what treatments and test you have received.

Cost for consultation: $50.00 over the internet.  Standard rates apply to the phone consultations.  



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